A Rundown of the 10 Most Recent Acquisition Deals Around Technologies

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Top Tech Transactions leading the way for Successful M&A

Smartsheet acquired Slope

Date announced: January 15, 2019

Value: Undisclosed

After a year and a half negotiating, Smartsheet – one of the leading providers of collaborative work management tools – has come to the decision to acquire Slope – a software tool that solves the inefficiencies in project planning and management. The acquisition enables Smartsheet users to share creative assets like videos and photos inside the application using integrated Slope features instead of having to switch between contexts.

AWS acquired TSO Logic

Date announced: January 14, 2019

Value: Undisclosed

TSO Logic specializes in analytics tools that help clients optimize their cloud migrations. With TSO Logic cloud pricing solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS) clients will now be able to predict how much running their workloads will cost them on the cloud over a longer period of time as their companies grow.

AWS acquired CloudEndure

Date announced: January 9, 2019

Value: $200M

Israeli cloud computing company CloudEndure will offer AWS clients with new disaster-recovery and migration services that allow their businesses to recover in case something inevitably goes wrong and also to move their data onto the cloud provider’s network. This acquisition is expected to help Amazon maintain their dominant positioning over their major cloud service competitors, namely Microsoft, Alibaba and Google.

Motorola Solutions acquired VaaS International Holdings

Date announced: January 7, 2019

Value: $445M (cash and equity)

Best-known for their AI-driven image capture analysis technology, VaaS International Holdings is believed by Motorola Solutions to be capable of overcoming the difficulties of capturing moving-at-high-speeds vehicles under potential low-visibility weather conditions. With this acquisition and in an effort to focus on law enforcement, VaaS will help Motorola Solutions with controllable and shareable database of vehicle location information, shortening response times and improving investigation processes, especially when combined with police records.

Standard Cognition acquired Explorer.ai

Date announced: January 7, 2019

Value: undisclosed

Autonomous checkout start-up company Standard Cognition has reached a decision to acquire Explorer.ai in an effort to compete with Amazon Go’s cashierless store environments of 2,000 square foot. Explorer.ai’s technology will help Standard map 20,000 square foot and larger drug stores and grocers, which will at scale improve their autonomous checkout that is currently done by determining what items are in the store, the location of customers, and which items they possess.

Autodesk tends to acquire BuildingConnected

Date announced: December 20, 2018

Value: $275M (net of cash)

Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost believes that their investment in “digitizing and automating construction workflows” with BuildingConnected – a pre construction tool that speeds up the bid management process – will strengthen their capabilities in covering risk analysis and bid procurement. The acquisition is expected to close during Autodesk’s fiscal year Q4 2019, ending January 31, 2019.

Cisco to acquire Luxtera

Date announced: December 18, 2018

Value: $660M (cash and assumed equity awards)

As a premier networking equipment company facing huge challenges derived from ever-growing amounts of data, Cisco sees modernizing opportunities in acquiring Luxtera – a provider of photonic solutions for data networking problem. The thinking behind this acquisition is that Luxtera’s silicon photonics technology will help move massive amounts of data at higher speed over farther distances using light, optimizing performance, reliability, and cost. The acquisition is expected by Cisco to close in its fiscal year 2019 Q3.

Corel acquired Parallels

Date announced: December 13, 2018

Value: undisclosed

While Corel is a graphics and creative software powerhouse best-known for their flagship CorelDRAW for Windows, Parallels offers virtualization solutions to users who want to run Windows software on their Mac hardware. This acquisition provides cross-selling opportunities to both companies in the way that there are overlaps in business models and sales strategies that involve both direct online sales and two-tier distribution with resellers worldwide.

Trello acquired Butler

Date announced: December 10, 2018

Value: undisclosed

The Web-based project management tool Trello made a decision to acquire Butler. Integrating a rules-based system will free Trello users up from repetitive tasks by enabling them to automate pieces of their workflow.

Verve acquired Campus Vacation

Date announced: December 10, 2018

Value: $7M (a combination of cash, shares, and “incentives” over time)

Verve is a word-of-mouth sales platform that allows people to sell their live entertainment and travel experiences to others in exchange for rewards, namely event tickets, trips and backstage passes. Campus Vacations is a leading provider of high-quality student travel packages across Canada, USA, and Europe. With this acquisition, Verve is looking forward to increasing their market share and positioning in the North America market.