Our Key Industries

Tech industry

(solutions and services)

MC2 Client challenges:

  • Reduce risk of an acquisition
  • Structure a SaaS sales team
  • Evaluate and select ERPs
  • Help an entrepreneur sell his business
  • Implement executive and board governance
  • Recruit a CEO
  • Help a start up set up
Environment Engineering Services class=

Environment & Engineering Services

MC2 Client challenges:

  • Execute multiple systems carve outs
  • Create and tool new shared services centers (IT, HR, procurement, etc)
  • Harmonize HR conditions post merger-acquisition
  • Analyse and select best ERP post M&A
  • Optimize IT portfolio post M&A
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Innovative Manufacturing / Industrial

MC2 Client challenges:

  • Choose the right Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) for growth
  • Reassure investors via a due diligence on technologies and systems
  • Evaluate and mitigate technological risks pre-M&A
  • Plan a vast and complex integration (technologies and processes)
  • Coach a young team of dynamic leaders (CEO, finance, engineering, HR)
  • Structure a business governance focused on growth and performance goals
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Financial Services

MC2 Client challenges:

  • Help choose a compliance / regulatory solutions
  • Reduce operational risks related to an equity investment
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Distribution & Logistics

MC2 Client challenges:

  • Accelerate growth with a new ERP
  • Benefit from synergies and post merger acquisitions optimization opportunities
  • Enhance business operations and client experience
  • Diagnose operational challenges affecting growth
  • Prioritize the projects portfolio and structure a large e-commerce project
  • Help find a partner for IT managed services
  • Reduce financing cost for 10M$ of assets